• Opening New NrGize Locations

  • Posted on December 24, 2015
  • NrGize Lifestyle Cafe is set for a major expansion that is going to include numerous new locations. They are excited to be able to bring on franchises so that they can gain access to new markets while helping entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of owning their own businesses. This popular franchise already has a strong customer base that will help to spur growth for new franchises. Franchisees will also have access to a world-class support system available through the Kahala brands family, which NrGize Lifestyle Cafe is a part of.

    Motivated entrepreneurs who want to own their own business should seize the opportunity to join the NrGize Lifestyle Cafe team. If you want to own a franchise of some type of food outlet, there is no better option right now than NrGize Lifestyle Cafe right now. They offer high quality flavorful fruit products that serve as meal replacements. Cutomers go to their locations because they are interested in building strength, an energy boost, or weight loss, as well as plenty of other goals. Not to mention, their products are delicious to boot. NrGize Lifestyle Cafe is able to evolve with its customers and its franchisees, which is why it has been so successful and is soon to be seen in many new markets.

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